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Different leads. Same follows.

When you dare to be different, amazing things can happen. Are you up to the challenge?

Exterior design

Confidence looks good on you.

Don’t do shy? Sharp blisters and Full LED lights help you to see, and be seen.

See the light

Full LED headlights

It’s good to shine.

When you're in control, it shows. With Full LED headlights, darkness doesn't stand a chance. 

See the light


Trust your instincts.



Standard in:

Optional in:

Interior design

Demanding? Good.

There comes a time when you want more. More space. More state-of-the-art features. Go on, ask for the works. The SEAT Arona has you covered. 


Your new domain.


Take the controls.

Gear stick.

Luxurious touch.

Comfort seats.

Comfort for everyone.

Alloy Wheels

Hold fast. Own the road.

Strength. Lightness. Agility. You know where you’re going. Get there in style. 

Design 16″ Brilliant Silver

Standard in: Style

Optional in:

Design 16″ Brilliant Silver

Standard in: Style

Optional in:

Boot capacity

Why compromise?

The Arona comes with 400 litres of boot space. What you do with it is up to you. 


Cut from a different cloth?

For those who know exactly what they want to say, and how they want to say it.
SEAT Arona interior design Cloth Blue & Grey Comfort seats
SEAT Arona interior design Sound Hill


Standard in:

Optional in:

Outdoor Edition

True style looks good anywhere.

Love having your own look? The SEAT Arona Outdoor Edition is for those who dare to be different, wherever they go.

Front styling kit.

Silver front bumper frame with black lip.

Black 18″ Alloy Wheels.

Dynamic and lightweight for total control.

Illuminated side sills.

Light up the sides of your car for 40 seconds.

Rear styling kit.

Silver hatch door moulding for extra style.

Interior space

Turns out you can have it all.

Take them with you, or pack up and go it alone. There’s space to have it all. 

Toggle between options

Multicolour ambient lighting

Atmosphere. Designed by you.

You've got your own look. Now you can set the interior colour to match. 

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Not all trim levels and features are available in New Zealand.  Please refer to the pricing and specification document for full details on what is available for you.