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We're part of the Giltrap Family

Stability and strength

Kiwi Heritage since 1966

In good company

18 premium brands

Guaranteed Future Value

We believe in your investment

Never far

Nationwide Network

Strength and longevity

Decades of growth

In 1966 Colin Giltrap opened his first dealership. Today, the Giltrap Group are importers, retailers and distributors of 18 of the world’s best automotive brands.

Guaranteed Future Value

Safe investment

SEAT is one of the most desirable European brands in the market. We believe in it so much, that we guarantee your car's future value with SEAT Options finance.

We're big. Like, really big.

Parts. Service. Nearby.

SEAT is a full member of the Volkswagen Group and that comes with some great perks! There's a VW service location nearby wherever you are and there's lots of parts in the country. 94% of the time we have the part you need on the shelf, today.

6,000 sq. meters of parts storage

Parts & Supply Warehouse

Over 18,000 Volkswagen Group servicing parts in stock and over 1,200 SEAT & CUPRA specific parts in stock

Parts in stock when ordered 94% of the time

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