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SEAT Insurance

What keeps you going?

You’ve got places to go. SEAT Insurance makes sure you get there. Because life is for living. Not for sitting still.

The essentials

Ready, set, go.

You can choose SEAT Insurance when you purchase a new SEAT, or when you're already a SEAT owner. The perfect solution is an easy choice.


Why settle for less?

A fully comprehensive policy. Exclusively for your SEAT. Leave your car in the trusted hands of SEAT Service experts.

SEAT Genuine Parts

Only the best.

Making a claim? We take care of the details. We use only high quality SEAT Genuine Parts, and all repairs are guaranteed for two years.

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Reach your destination

Nothing can stop you.

In the case of theft, vandalism or an accident, we make sure you and your passengers get to where you're going. 24/7.

Value for money

What you want. When you want it.

SEAT Service is expert care at a competitive price. Because you wouldn’t have it any other way.

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