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New Leon´s advanced connectivity.

The world is changing, it’s more digitalised than ever before as we plug into the connected world. And the need to take this digital world with us into the vehicle is growing, which is why the all-new SEAT Leon is the brand’s first fully connected car.

The vehicle features a built-in eSIM and a new infotainment system up to 10 inches.

The next-generation SEAT Leon gives the consumer greater opportunity to take their digital lives with them into the vehicle, and also when they’re out of the car. The all-new SEAT Leon is the brand’s first fully connected vehicle, offering connectivity with Full Link - Android Auto and also wireless access to Apple’s CarPlay - and, online infotainment and will offer in-car apps in the near future that expand and improve the customer’s driving experience. Once out of the vehicle, users can access their vehicle’s data remotely and also manage the charging process and control the air conditioning remotely (in the case of the plug-in hybrid version).

The number of in-car and online services will grow through the life of the vehicle as the digital eco-system expands, enhancing the user experience.


A new world is being opened up thanks to the SEAT Connect app which can be downloaded to your smart device, giving remote control over a plethora of functions that will help maximise the driver enjoyment and help improve safety too.

Once outside the vehicle, thanks to the SEAT Connect app, users can remotely access their vehicle’s data: driving data, parking position, vehicle’s status, including doors and lights, set up speed alerts so you can be warned if someone using your vehicles is driving too quickly, area and anti-theft alerts, open and close the doors with the remote lock and unlock service, or can remotely activate the horn and turn signals to find the car more easily.

It doesn’t end there, with the introduction of the plug-in hybrid variant, additional features to help users have also been added. Plug-in hybrid vehicle drivers can manage the charging process remotely via the e-Manager, control the air conditioning and manage departure times all from the smartphone app.

Once inside the vehicle, SEAT CONNECT offers online traffic information, opening times and current prices of petrol stations, and the possibility to plan a trip from home and send it to the vehicle, so that everything is ready once you start the engine.

And, for those who don’t want to be limited to the radio they listen to, the all-new SEAT Leon brings online radio into the cabin, allowing the customer to listen to any online radio station they choose, even if it’s from a different country.

SEAT CONNECT also brings more safety with the emergency call (manual or automatic), which sends important data from the car to the emergency services such as car position, engine type, car colour or number of passenger, making it easier for them to assist.

Infotainment system

The standard Media system boasts an 8.25” screen, while the larger 10” screen Navi system offers 3D connected navigation and natural voice control (the system responds by simply saying the international word “Hola Hola”) as well as gesture recognition to simplifiy user interaction.

Built-in eSIM

The Online Connectivity Unit with an embedded SIM means that the all-new SEAT Leon will never lose its connection to the digital world, and, in future developments, the system will allow users to access the latest infotainment apps which can be updated at any time. Therefore, the all-new SEAT Leon will be able to offer new digital products and services throughout its lifetime. 

Real time information from the cloud

In addition, the online connectivity via the embedded eSIM allows some infotainment functions to use real time information from the cloud, adding an additional dimension to the traditional navigation system. For example, online traffic information, parking and petrol station position and also the opening times and current prices. 

Online radio

And, for those who don’t want to be limited to the radio they listen to, the all-new SEAT Leon brings online radio into the cabin, allowing the customer to listen to any online radio station they choose, even if it’s from a different country.

Full Link

The brand’s first fully connected vehicle, always keeping people connected.

The Full Link system is the gateway to connectivity. It allows users to connect their mobile, no matter what device they use; Apple CarPlay (using a wireless connection based on Bluetooth or WLAN) or Android Auto using a cabled connection.

So whether you want to bring your contact list into the vehicle, the music that’s part of your journey or mapping systems, they are all available, accessed in a controlled, intuitive, safe manner that won’t distract drivers from the road, using either the infotainment system or the integrated steering wheel controls.

SEAT Digital Cockpit

The new SEAT Leon features SEAT Digital Cockpit, which brings together a high-resolution 10.25” user definable instrument cluster and infotainment system (1280 x 480 pixel, 133 dpi).

Controlling the information provided is simple and requires the driver to merely press the steering wheel-mounted control button to scroll through the three different available main displays, minimising driver distraction and maximising the clarity of information provided depending on the driver’s needs. Transitions between the available information on the TFT display are smooth thanks to its 75 Hz refresh rate, which makes information easier to read.

SEAT’s Digital Cockpit provides three main information displays: Classic, Digital and Dynamic View.

Classic information provides the well-known analogues features such as a speedometer and tachometer. Digital shows detailed mapping information for the vicinity you’re in. The Dynamic display provides an improved clarity to important information for the driver – allowing for customisation – while the speedometer and the tachometer remains on the sides with a semi-circular design.

And in a world that is constantly connected, should an incoming call be received the display will automatically adapt to include the caller’s ID, with the person appearing as a ‘pop-up’ on the screen.

Connectivity Box

The new Leon features the Connectivity Box with inductive charging - meeting Qi standard protocols -, so users don’t need to worry about losing power at crucial moments.

The all-new SEAT Leon is equiped with new USB type C ports, allowing for charging time reduction (via the cable), simplifying the connection between smart devices and also speeding up the data exchange. The Leon features two front USB type C ports as standard, and depending on the trim level, two rear USB type C ports.

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