2019.0.2.0 NZ/EN


When good becomes great.

The advanced safety systems in the SEAT Leon are designed to work actively and passively to always keep you protected. For true peace of mind.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Stop stressing. Start enjoying.

Adaptive Cruise Control lets you relax. It tracks the car ahead. And maintains a safe distance.

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Pedestrian Protection

No need to ask. We’ve got you.

Pedestrian Protection senses moving objects on the road.  And brakes if necessary.

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Emergency Assist

Who doesn’t need a helping hand?

If you need to come to a quick stop, Emergency Assist is here to help.

Tiredness Recognition System

You’ve got places to go.

A busy lifestyle can wear you out. The Tiredness Recognition System keeps you fresh and alert.

Adaptive Cruise Control

We take over. You relax.

Set your speed and enjoy. Adaptive Cruise Control will handle all acceleration and deceleration.

Not all trim levels and features are available in New Zealand.  Please refer to the pricing and specification document for full details on what is available for you.