How it Works
• Select your new SEAT
• Choose your kilometre allowance over a 36-month term (if you would prefer other time periods, please contact the SEAT Store to discuss further)
Choose your kilometre allowance over a 36-month term (if you would prefer other time periods, please contact the SEAT Store to discuss further)
• SEAT Finance works out the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) of your vehicle (based on the model, a 36-month term and your kilometre allowance). The GFV is the final payment on your credit agreement

End of Term Options

At the end of the term of your credit agreement, you have the following options:

1. Trade-in on a new SEAT
Simply trade-in your SEAT for a new one at the GFV and if the trade-in value is higher than the GFV, the difference is yours to use towards your new SEAT.

2. Return it
You may wish to return your SEAT, for example, if the value of your vehicle has fallen below the GFV. We will apply the GFV to what you owe us under the Credit Agreement leaving you with no further liability (subject to meeting the terms and conditions in the Credit Agreement and the GFV certificate).

3. Keep it
Love your SEAT so much you want to keep it? Simply refinance or pay off what you owe under the credit agreement and continue to enjoy your SEAT.

*With a GFV payment at the end of the term if you decide to keep the vehicle

Important information about SEAT options
• SEAT Options gives you the option to return the vehicle to European Financial Services Limited (EFS) at the end of the term and EFS will purchase the vehicle at the Guaranteed Future Value (GFV) as
determined by EFS and as set out in your GFV Certificate. At the end of the term, you can elect to: (1) trade-in the vehicle; (2) return the vehicle; or (3) keep the vehicle by paying the GFV.
• The GFV is not a representation by EFS as to the likely market value of the vehicle as at the end of your Credit Agreement.
• The option is available on new SEAT vehicles only.
• If you exceed the kilometre allowance you must pay us the excess kilometre fee set out in the GFV Certificate.
• If at the end of the contract if the vehicle is not in very good condition and repair (fair, wear and tear excepted), you must pay the costs to bring the vehicle to very good condition and repair (fair, wear and tear excepted).

• Select your new SEAT.
• Place a deposit towards the purchase, either as cash or by using equity in your current vehicle as a trade-in.
• Choose your loan term.
• Personalise your repayments.

You have the flexibility to reduce your monthly payments by having a balloon payment at the end or a combination of structured payments (for approved applicants).

SEAT Finance then calculates your monthly payments based on your selections.


The Fully Maintained option makes forward planning a lot easier for you, as the monthly rentals include scheduled servicing , annual registrations, warrants of fitness, with options to include replacement tyres and puncture repairs.

The Non Maintained option allows you to take care of any service and maintenance costs as and when they occur, rather than having them included in your monthly rental. Under an Operating Lease the vehicle is treated as an off balance sheet expense so it frees up your working capital. After the lease period is over, the vehicle is returned to us. You then have the option to take out a new lease and upgrade your vehicle to the latest model.