SEAT Assist

0800 961 961

If your SEAT is inadvertently immobilised for reasons such as mislaid keys, lack of fuel or a tyre puncture, one phone call to SEAT Assist will quickly provide customer assistance - wherever you are in New Zealand.

Please note that due to the technical complexity of the SEAT immobiliser and security systems, it is necessary to obtain a duplicate or spare key to gain entry to a vehicle.

Recovery to Dealer

Should the vehicle become immobile and is unable to be repaired immediately or safely, SEAT Assist will arrange for the vehicle to be transported to the nearest Authorised SEAT Service Centre for rectification.

Replacement Vehicle

In the unlikely situation that your SEAT becomes immobilised due to a warrantable defect occurring in excess of 100 kilometres from the driver's residence and cannot be repaired within 24 hours - SEAT Assist will arrange alternative transport from the Authorised SEAT Service Centre, or arrange a rental vehicle to a maximum value of $360 to allow the occupants to resume the journey or return home.

Storage of Vehicle

If your vehicle needs to be securely stored prior to it being transferred to an authorised SEAT Service Centre, SEAT Assist will arrange for this to be done at no cost to the owner.

Repatriation of your Vehicle

When a warrantable breakdown occurs more than 100 kilometres from the driver's residence and the owner elects to leave the vehicle with an Authorised SEAT Service Centre to be repaired, SEAT Assist will arrange the repatriation of the vehicle should the repair not be completed within 24 hours.

Alternatively, provision for the driver to be returned to the repaired vehicle can be arranged.

Vehicle Theft or Accidental Damage

If the vehicle is involved in a motor vehicle accident, after ensuring all parties are safe, SEAT Assist will provide advice/referral to the owner/driver's insurer and, if requested, organise and accident/tow provider to attend and transport the vehicle to a SEAT approved repairer or place of safety.

Support Services

SEAT Assist can provide a 24 hour, 365-day telephone advisory service to assist the driver with:

  • General vehicle operation advice or technical information
  • The location of the nearest Authorised SEAT Service Centre and contact information
  • The location of the nearest doctor and/or medical emergency services
  • Legal advice regarding a motor incident (one off phone call)


The SEAT Assist programme does not apply to the following:

  1. Vehicle used for hire or reward.
  2. Vehicles used in motor racing, car rallies, speed or duration testing or any practice thereof.
  3. Claims arising from the loss or damage to the contents of the vehicle.
  4. Claims arising from damage caused through the forced entry of a vehicle in any attempt to unlock and recover keys locked in the vehicle, whereby the owner/driver has been fully briefed on the risk and situation by the First Assistance provider in attendance, and the owner/driver has subsequently agrees to sign the indemnity form offered by the provider prior to commencing forced entry/unlock of the vehicle.
  5. Claims arising from a recurring electrical or mechanical failure resulting from improper care or vehicle maintenance, or vehicle servicing where a known fault and repair has been neglected.
  6. Situations where the vehicle is disabled by floods, snow affected roads, or is not accessible due to other adverse road or weather related conditions.
  7. Vehicles being bogged in off road conditions or off public roads (other than a private residence) and not easily accessible by normal two-wheel drive recovery vehicles.
  8. Vehicle has been left unattended.
  9. Vehicles other than those confirmed as registered to the SEAT Assist Programme.
  10. If at the time of the breakdown the vehicle was towing a trailer of any kind, the trailer will be towed or transported to the nearest place of safety. Any costs above this will be the responsibility of the driver.
  11. Events as a result of an accident, incorrect fuel or misuse of the vehicle. All associated costs are the responsibility of the driver.


Subject to the terms and conditions described on this website, the SEAT Assist programme transfers to any subsequent owner of the vehicle for three years or 100,000 km (whichever occurs first) from the date of delivery to the original owner.