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Safety features

Taking the stress out of driving.

Today’s driver has more things than ever to watch out for on the roads. That’s why the SEAT Ateca comes with the latest safety features to let you focus on what’s important. The drive.

Pre-crash assist

Always alert.

Anticipating oncoming collisions, the Pre-Crash Assist feature prepares for impacts by tightening safety belts and closing windows.

Front assist

Proper peace of mind.

Always at a safe stopping distance. Front Assist detects and warns you of vehicles up ahead by giving a visual or audio signal. 

Adaptive Cruise Control

Move with the flow.

Combined with Navi, it recognizes speed limits and adjusts your speed accordingly, while keeping you at a safe distance from surrounding traffic.

Side Assist

No more blind spots.

Proper support for changing lanes. Side Assist technology monitors vehicles approaching from behind and alerts you if anything is in your critical zone. Keeping you safe and sound.

Emergency Assist

A driver’s best friend.

Should the driver become unresponsive, Emergency Assist slows the car down while warning the driver.

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