2019.0.11.0 NZ/EN


It’s yours for the taking.

The city is your playground. Explore it in style. Faster and farther, with less fuel. So, where are we going next?

Sharper lines

What’s wrong with showing off?

Here's to trying something new. To a bold, savvy design. To permission to show off.

See the light

Full LED headlights

Love. Emotion. Dancing.

Light up the night with Full LED lights. You're going to have a brilliant time.

See the light


Get ready to paint the town.



Optional in:

Change the mood

Interior design

Grow up? Never.

Fun and fashionable, inside and out. Customisable colours. Mood lighting. Go on, play.

Change the mood

Alloy Wheels

Let’s roll.

Alloy brings lightness and strength. Galvanised and fresh. In your choice of design.

Design 16’’

Standard in: Style

Optional in:

Design 16’’

Standard in: Style

Optional in:

Change the colour

Ambient lighting

Your happy place.

Red & white ambient lighting helps you find the perfect balance. Your hi-tech zen button.

Change the colour


Want change? Experiment.

Find the fabrics and finishing touches just for you. The fun’s only getting started.
SEAT Ibiza upholstery Cloth Black & Grey Comfort seats


Standard in:

Optional in:

Xcellence trim

Ordinary not your style?

Live extraordinarily with the Xcellence trim. Sharp blisters and alloy wheels. Elegant upholstery with colour-pop stitching. And all that glorious space.

FR trim

Fast is a state of mind.

The FR is what happens when awesome gets even awesomer. Think 18” alloy Wheels, sunroof, double exhaust and bold black upholstery. On your marks. Get set. Live.

Change the cover

Seasonal Seat Covers

Bring it on.

Summer fun. Winter wonderland. With a reversible cover, it's a seat for every season.

Change the cover

Not all trim levels and features are available in New Zealand.  Please refer to the pricing and specification document for full details on what is available for you.