One size really does fit all.

When what you need can change in an instant, flexibility’s the thing. Spacious inside and out, you’ve got it.


Taking more on? Look the part.

All the details you’d expect, and some you might not. It’s time to challenge perceptions.

Panoramic sunroof

Why not catch some rays?

Let the sunshine in and become a part of your surroundings. It’s not just wide, it’s panoramic.


Everything looks better in colour.



Fold the seats

Foldable Seats

32 ways to go.

Every family’s different. And every situation too. Now you’ve got a car for all occasions.

Fold the seats


Bring the family. Enjoy the fun.

No family is too big. With 2.430 litres of interior space, you’ll always have room for more. More family, and more fun.

Standard in:

Optional in:


Style. Substance. Space.

Life’s too short to stop growing. Chrome details, lightweight alloy wheels, bold front grille. Because pure Xcellence comes from within.


You’re changing lanes.

Adding a set of alloy wheels is a sure-fire way to improve a car’s look. Lighter than standard wheels, they’re one of the most popular choices to boost a car’s appeal.

Standard in:

Optional in:

Standard in:

Optional in:

Our global range of cars and product specifications varies from country to country. Please, visit your local SEAT website to know more about the product offer available for you.